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Crying Sucks

Today started off with stupid crying spells, but Barb was there for me and told me to just let it all out. I think the fact that I'm on my girl stuff, makes me all sorts of hormonal. I hate it so much. I didn't cry as long as I thought I would, so that's one good thing. I was smiling after Barb and I started talking about random stuff.

As much as I wanted to just curl up in bed and watch sad films, I fought it and sat up in my brace. I watched the latest episodes of Under The Dome, Running Wild and The Chase. Barb brought a small pack of 2 Tastykakes to munch on, because we saw them on a show called Rewrapped and thought they looked delicious. They really are!! The first bite just melted in mouth. It made me feel better.

Tyler and I read a cool ass short story out loud to each other. It was everything we expected it to be, gore, blood, torture and all around twisted. It was called, "The Russian Sleep Experiment"...it's not for people who get easily disturbed lol I loved it so much that I had to quote it on my Facebook =)

That's pretty much it. Until tomorrow...adieu.

Aug. 16th, 2012

Now that I'm all rested and have my thoughts all sorted, I can write about yesterday. I had my trach change appointment and the whole day went smoothly. I actually woke up in a good mood. It has been a rough few weeks, but I think I'm getting better.

Anyway, I wanted to feel cool and spiffy so I wore my cute Day of the Dead skull top that Barb's best friend, Rene sent to me, just because she thought I'd like to have it in my life. SO SWEET!!! I paired it with jeans and of course, I had to accessorize the hell out of myself lol I wore my matching ring and bracelet set from the boyfriend and my charm bracelet from Nelson. Barb put my hair up in a messy bun and I loved it! I'm really into the messy hair look lately.

Ok, I'm going to skip right to the hospital. We got my favorite driver and I was so happy about that. We got to the hospital a bit early, encountered a crazy lady on the bench as we got out of the van. She asked Barb, "Can she walk?" and "are you her mommy"...Yeah, I can walk, I just felt like sitting in a wheelchair that day lol Barb and I laughed when we got into the lobby. It was a good thing we got there early because I GOT TO SEE MAGGIE!!!! She was one of the nurses that took care of me in the ICU about 6 years ago. I was so excited when I spotted her that I yelled "MAGGIE!!!" lol She ran over and kissed me on the cheek. We chatted for a bit and I told her that I was going to see Dr. Cable and she said, Omg I love him." and I told her "Me too and hes so cute too!!" She told me that he asked her to work in the ENT Clinic and I was like, "You should!!! I'll get to see you more." She agreed I hope she takes the job. She's the only one out of the ICU Crew that's still here. Everyone else got stationed on the mainland....Military husbands and sch lol Maggie had to leave, but she wanted me to pass on a message to Dr. Cable..."Tell him I love him and that he's hot" lol I told her I would. I really didn't know how I was going to do it or go about it at the right moment.

Dr. Cable walked into the exam room right at 1:00pm and he was really pleased with himself lol He asked me the usual questions:
"How are you?"
"I'm good"
"Any problems with the trach...no bleeding?"
"Nope, no bleeding."
"That's good. Your voice sounds great. How are your ears doing?"
Of course, I had to be a smart ass and go, "HUH?" really loud like I couldn't hear him and he started laughing and apologized on the lae reaction lol

I saw that as my moment to tell him.

"Oh, I saw Maggie downstairs and she wanted me to tell you she loves you and you're hot."
He laughed and turned away a bit because e started blushing!! It was frickin adorable!! He changed the subject a bit and said that he thinks she's an awesome nurse and he offered her a job to work in his clinic. He also said that he has known her probably as long as I have. I told him that she mentioned the job to me and that I hope she takes it.

He really likes looking at my jewelry hehe. He was like, "I'm trying to see your cool jewelry...may I?" and he lifted my hand...ahhhh it's bad that all I could think was, "he's touching my hand!!" while he looked at the ring that my boyfriend gave me lol SORRY DANNY <3333

Anyway, he cleaned out my ears while they got a new trach tube for me. The clinic didn't have any in stock so he had one of the nurses go down to the OR and get one for me. Man, I can hear so much better that I could probably hear an ant fart. Awww I should've said that to him when he asked if it was better, but instead I gave him a "Yeah, totally" boo!! That was so lame lol

While Barb and I waited for the trach tube to arrive, we were giggling at the fact that I passed on Maggie's message and made him blush lol I started being silly and acted like I was sleeping, snoring noises and all lol I thought about keeping it up and have Dr Cable come back to a passed out Jeni. I had to stop because I really started to fall asleep. Narcolepsy much? lol

I'm not gonna go into detail on the trach change because it's the same every time and my hand is getting tired lol I got all the fun important things down though!

I shall end it here. I'll write soon.
I opened the rest of the box last night =) I was so smiley that my face started hurting lol Anyway, here's what I got from my boyfriend:

Union Jack T-shirt, Hello Kitty Birthday Girl badge (I'm gonna wear it even if it's not my birthday lol), 2 really cute rings, a necklace with a Queen's Crown pendant, little hedgehog named Juliet, Cherry coin purse, Royal Air Force lanyard, 2 pens to help me practice writing, a Psalm Sunday cross to tease me of my encounter with a Priest (lol you butthead), a sweet Alice In Wonderland note, a packet of custard (Don't ask lol) and a box of hand wash that he only bought for the cool Telephone Box lol

The ring and pen light up hehe

May. 13th, 2012

I had to write about a very funny and a bit painful encounter with something. This is going to be a short entry, but I'll write about the rest of my day later.

Anyway, I woke up about an hour or two ago and my mom did my morning ritual. Brushed my teeth and washed my face. She almost forgot my moisturizer and I should've let it go because the next thing that happened, stunned me like the little boy in "A League Of Their Own"...you know when Tom Hanks throws the baseball glove at the little boy and his reaction is like, "what just happened?" Well, the bottle of moisturizer slipped out of my mom's hand and hit me in the face!! It was frickin funny as hell, especially when my mom was like, "sorry wrong number." She asked if it hurt after we both calmed down from laughing and I shook my head no...we started laughing again lol

That's all...I wanted to document this momentous occasion lol

Happy Mother's Day =)


Jan. 15th, 2012

I hung out with Milani today. I finally got her to watch "The Silent House"...she survived lol

Short entry today...skyping the boy <3
I'm so stoked right now because I just met the man that has helped my family and I with the insurance company from hell! His name is Raphael del Castillo. He came over to meet us in person!! His wife was with him and she is a total sweetheart!! We had a cool time just chatting and getting to know them both.

I was a bit nervous at first, to be honest, but Raphael and his wife were so chill!! I told them all about my internet life and they were happy that I had so many interests and outlets. They were just so fun to talk to...I seriosly have nothing bad to say. I adore them.They told me about their grandson who is a musician and I can't wait to check out his band.

Anyway, mom and I are about to watch a film. I'll write again.

I dye my hair and cut my skin

Tonight we are young

I frickin adore this song!!