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Yay! I did my little photo shoot with my awesome sister! I should have the photos up tomorrow and I'll post them. I'm doing my blogtv show as I write this lol My friends on skype are keeping an eye on my chatroom.

Ok my day was so much fun! I love playing with makeup with my sister. I guide her as she is my hands and it's frickin hilarious the things we say to each other. She says "don't move" a lot and I reply with "I can't!" lol I love my sister, she keeps me laughing without even trying, pretty much like all my friends.

Anyway, we were looking at different makeup looks to see which one would look good with my hair color, So, of course I went straight to my favorite makeup guru on youtube, xSparkage. I knew exactly what I wanted...it was her look called Caramel Apples. It's a bronzey/gold with lime green on the inner tear duct. It's so pretty. My sister did an amazing job at recreating the look with the eyeshadows I have and I was so stoked! I have a problem with eyeliner because I blink too much and my eyes water so we let my eyes rest and did my lips. I went with a pretty nude color and put clear gloss over it.

Alright, so the adventure of the eyeliner application was upon us...DUN DUN DUUUUN! We both took deep breaths and Milani went in for the kill. Liquid liner on the top lash line first...the first went smoothly and THEN THE SECOND EYE WAS THE KILLER lol I'm talking a huge blob of liquid liner in my eye lmao I mean, when I opened my eye...all I saw was black and we both died laughing at my misfortune lol Milani had to literally wipe my eyeball with a tissue...I wish we got a picture of the hot mess lol But yeah, she cleaned it up without messing up the eyeshadow hehe YUS!!! And that was the end of the eyeliner fiasco...phew!

After the photo shoot, we still had time for a film. We decided to watch "One Day" and save "The Silent House" for next week because it was too dark to watch a scary film lol Poor Milani. "One Day" was soooo good!!! That's all I'm going to say about it.

Damn, that was a long one...I'll write again in the morrow. Laters!!

The video says it all

Just a quick entry...


I was so afraid that I'd have nothing to write about today and it seems that I'm right. So this entry will be a free write. It'll consist of randomness and irrelevance...it's fun to see what's really in the deep dark and hidden chambers of my mind. It can be really disturbing as well, but hey we all have our moments. I learned this technique in my Creative Writing class in high school. Alright so here we go....5 minutes of not thinking, just typing without stopping and worrying about grammar.

I want to kill him I'm lost someone find me in this black forest full of demons crowding around me kill kill kill dead bodies in the river pale skin teeth sharp I need help my mind is empty yet full of crows flying up above graves blood rocks bones maggots sun is hot i hate you die die kill tool needs to save my soul keep me sane live live live radiohead flowers candy bloom sky clouds rain 10 7 9 90 5 life

Ok times up...let's see what came out. Wow I just read what I typed...I'm so bi-polar lol I went from darkness to light. It's a bit embarassing, but I'm posting this anyway...judge if you must. It's me.


So, I ate a fireball today and I think I have a 3rd degree burn on the inside of my cheek lmao
Well, my subject is kind of going against what I did today lol I pretty much let the day go by, but I don't feel like it did in a bad way.

What did I do today? I spent my time watching movies...wait, they're called films!! lol Woo! It's very rare that I actually find a film or two that I haven't seen. I get excited over the little things in life...sue me! It took a few minutes to find a film and stick to it though. Ew did you know they made a "Splash Too"? I was going to give it a try even if Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah weren't in it. The first 5 minutes were frickin ridiculous and I nearly barfed! Bad acting and bad effects = not worth my time.

So, the next idea was to order a film that I couldn't get on netflix. I decided on "The Sleeping Beauty" which was a French film and very interesting, I must say! It's not something I'll watch over and over, but I'd love to see David Chausse in another film. He is just so beautiful...he's like a mix between Johnny Depp and Gael Garcia Bernal. He needs to be the main character in a romantic French film!!! Oh to be his leading lady...*dreamy sigh*

Ok ok moving onto the next film..."Somewhere" with Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning. I love Independent films and Sophia Coppola knows how to do the whole cool-independent-look. It was a simple story, but I was totally hooked. I can't think of anything else to say about it...lol it's that good and simple.

Anyway, I need to go and say hi to my friends on skype and blogtv. I'll write again.

Lady Jenivie out.
Yup, I'm sticking to my resolution. It's gonna be a short entry, but at least it's something, eh?

So, I finally got my hair done today. Dawna came over bearing the beautifulness that is now in my hair!! I am so excited right now. It has been such a long time since I've felt like this and it's only because of my hair! lol Can you imagine how ecstatic I'd be with something even more drastic than my hair?? Sometimes I'm not good with change, but it seems to be making me happy.

Anyway, back to my hair...yeah it is currently turquoise and lime green. Dawna said she couldn't find lime green, so she bought yellow and blue dye to mix together until she got the right green. Her first try looked like..um what did she call it? Oh, army green, but to me it looked like baby poo lol When it was all done and dried she sounded so excited which made me all giddy and impatient. She said it looks like mermaid hair!! I nearly pissed myself because I hadn't told what I was going for...I totally feel like a mermaid right now!! When I saw my hair in the mirror, I almost cried like a dork at the sight of it...it was exactly how I pictured it and I told her. She was so happy I liked it! I was like no I LOVE IT!!! I tried to have my dad pay her, but she was like no need, it's for Christmas and New Years. I was like awwww thank you and she kissed me on the cheek.

So yeah, that's how my day went and I'm really hyper right now lol I'm gonna go do my blogtv show now. I'll be back tomorrow, y0!

Adieu, my lovelies!!
So it's been a while since I've updated my journal, but what better way than to post an entry about seeing KoRn??!! Yup I did hehe!!

Alright here we go...

I chilled in bed to gather up my energy for the night. I took a quick nap before Barb started getting me dressed at around 3pm. After I was dressed, Barb and my dad got me set up in my chair at 4pm. Dawna came over to help me fix my hair and makeup. It was so fun seeing her again and she did my eyeliner exactly how I imagined it! My hair was cute as hell and it made me feel all spiffy lol THANKS DAWNA!!! <3

Anyway, let's get to the drive and anticipation of getting to the concert. My dad loaded me into the van and we waited for my mom to get home from work. At that point, I was getting antsy waiting for her to get home...finally, she arrived around 5:30pm. She got into the van and we were off!!

The radio was on my favorite station and as we took the turn out of my neighborhood..."Creep" by Radiohead came on...EEEEEE it made me so excited even though it wasn't Radiohead I was going to see. I just saw it as a good sign =)

On the way, we had to pick up Barb from dropping off her car at her place...plus she had the tickets for the show lol WOO!! So we were finally on our way and no more stops! I could hear mom and Barb talking in the backseat and I kept thinking to myself “OMG, I can’t believe I'm gonna see KoRn! It has been so long since I've been to a concert!” I was practically pissing myself with excitement!

We got into downtown where most of the traffic was and I started to get a little worried that we might be late. I didn’t even know what time it was and I was afraid to ask, but a song came on the radio that made me feel better. It was "Move Along" by the All American Rejects. By then, I was thinking “ Yeah yeah yeah, move along traffic, lets go! Chop Chop!” We drove a little further and the traffic cleared...it was like the parting of the red sea which is funny because I was on my period at the time lol sorry that was gross! We were getting closer and closer to the Blaisdell...my dad turned left and there it was!!! We got to the parking lot, but the section to the handicap parking was closed. We looked for someone to open the gate and LET ME IN! And this guy came walking by, looking all official with his chair. He said I had to pay six dollars to get in and I’m like bouncing in my chair, really really impatient!! I just wanted to be in that atmosphere with the crowd and the loud awesome music. My dad paid, we got to the parking spot and my dad went a little too far and hit the curb lol oops! We finally got out of the van and I saw this couple standing together. The chick was sooo frickin hawt! She had long blonde hair, Bettie Page bangs and a really cute outfit.

We got to the gate and the guards let me in, but they wanted to check my bag. I mean...it's not like I’m a frickin terrorist. It was just medical equipment. They even wanted to check my suction machine! And I was thinking “ok you want to open the canister and drink it to make sure it's not some kind of chemical? Do some kind of science experiment on my mucus because it might be lethal" lol So after they checked all my stuff and made sure I wasn’t going to record or pull a "bang bang you're dead"(By the way, that's a good film lol) incident.

After I passed the inspection, we headed towards the arena! There was a long line to my left and everyone was buying shirts/merch. I wanted to get a couple of shirts before all of the good ones sold out, but we made a B-line for the handicap seating. We were the first ones there so I got to pick where I wanted to sit. And of course, I wanted to get as close to the stage as possible hehe duhh!! My mom sat on my right side and Barb sat on my left side so they could each check up on me. So we were sitting there just chilling listening to the music...NIN, Marilyn Manson, The Prodigy and other bands...I stopped paying attention because the crowd started piling in. I was getting distracted by the cute white boys walking in lol Barb turned to me and asked if I spotted any eye candy to stare at while I waited for the show to start. There was one kid who walked in and he was like growling like a metalhead and yelling “FIVE FINGER!” and people followed with “Death Punch!” Barb and I were thoroughly amused by that lol I also saw some skanky girls with their short shorts and their low tops and their boobs were about to fall out! I wanted to barf on their faces! It was disgusting!

Ok enough about the skanks, there were security guards walking by and one came up to me and asked if I needed ear plugs...I gave him a look of disgust and he smiled. Maybe my mom and Barb would, but I wanted the full feeling and experience of the show. He kind of laughed and was like “You're really hardcore...don't get too rowdy in the moshpit.” I nodded and smiled because I was distracted by someone behind him with a Mohawk that looked like a shark fin. It stood straight up! My mom pointed him out too and we laughed. The crowd continued to pile in and I got a few smiles from people. I noticed a medic looking at me like he recognized me from somewhere. And he came up to us and asked "Did you guys go to a show at the Waikiki Shell?" Barb answered for me because I had cuff up. She told him I went with my sister and her husband. And he said, “I remember you...Someone forgot to turn on your oxygen or something." And we laughed at him, but I didn’t really clear things up because the announcer came on stage and was getting the crowd all pumped up for Five Finger Death Punch.

Suddenly, the place went dark and the crowd went insane!!! The music started and the floor was vibrating and the atmosphere was just awesome. I can’t even explain the feeling I had at that moment. And we weren’t even watching KoRn yet lol I'm not really a huge fan of FFDP, but the lead singer was frickin entertaining as hell! He was so good with the crowd and interacted with everyone. There was a little kid, probably ten or eleven...I think he was with his dad or brother. I saw him crowd surfing and the lead singer was so impressed that he called for the kid to come on stage to rock out and chill. He was so adorable! *sigh* Oh to be that kid with Korn performing! lol I'm such a fangirl...

When one of the songs ended the singer pointed out a girl in the crowd and said she was hawt and proceeded to say that Hawaii has some of the most beautiful women ever. I barfed in my mouth and swallowed it. Not really, but I wanted to lol...it was cute that he said that. Anyway, they were the perfect band to open for KoRn. Everyone was so hyped up and excited and RAWR. Before they played their last song, the singer thanked the crowd and said that they've played with every band you can think of... then he paused and said, "except Air Supply..don't expect that anytime soon" lol I cracked up!! They finished their set and the lights went on.

There was gonna be a 30 min. intermission SO we decided to check out what shirts they had left. The ones I wanted were frickin huge! I mean they could have been a bed sheet on me lol So I decided not to get them It was hot as hell outside of the arena. The crowd was so thick and sweaty. My mom decided she wanted to go to the restroom before KoRn, so we waited for her before going back in. I didn’t plan on staying too long because I was NOT going to miss KoRn's first song! I saw this girl in a wheelchair and her boyfriend was pushing her. I thought to myself “Oooo that bitch better not take my spot or I AM GOING TO GO POSTAL ON HER FACE!” I looked at Barb and mouthed "where the hell is mom?" She was taking forever to go to the bathroom. We were waiting at the doors and finally mom came out of the crowd. We got back to the handicap section and I was looking for the girl. Thank god she wasn’t in my spot! The security guards saved my spot...awww so sweet!!

We got settled and the stage was all set for KoRn EEEEEE!!! I could see Jonathan’s sexy mic stand looking awesome! I just wanted to be it lol! Barb and I started chanting to ourselves, "WE WANT KORN!! WE WANT KORN!!" She looked at her watch and it was a little past 8:30pm and woooo the lights went out. WE ALL WENT ABSOLUTELY INSANE!! Strobe lights spun over us as each band member come on stage. Ray, the drummer came on first and started playing...my heart was pounding so fast because I knew Jonathan would be out soon. The crowd and I knew what song they were gonna open with when Fieldy, the bass player started playing with a smile on his face which OMG caused me to smile like crazy...I couldn't help it!!! Munky came out looking all hot with his long dreads, white eye mask and his glorious guitat playing. Finally, it was Jonathan's turn...gah the dramatic entrance was killing me and then dark angels started singing in my head when Jonathan Davis started walking out toward his microphone. The crowd went insane...he was so beautiful. My vagina puckered! lol It puckered the whole time he was up there! Barb looked at me and we smiled because he was wearing pretty much the same thing that I was wearing, Well, I had on the girl version of it. He was wearing a black tank top, red and black kilt, and long black socks. Gahh he was perfect!!

He stood next to the mic and leaned on it while he bobbed his head to the intro of "Blind" and I couldn't stop staring at him. Then all hell broke loose when he growled “Are you ready!!!!!!!!” The crowd went nuts!!! I was bouncing and singing along. I loved that he got the crowd involved...he'd sing "you don't know the chances" and point the mic to us and we'd yell "WHAT IF I SHOULD DIE" The way he moved was so sexy, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him. At the hardcore part of the song, he was hunched over growling and swinging his hair...omg it was so hard not to fangirl lol I'm doing it right now! Anyway, they played "Here to Stay", "Freak on a Leash" which is totally my song lol I wish I had asked one of the security guards to steal the set list for me, alas I did not. I'm gonna have to try and remember all the songs they played. It'll be out of order, but you'lll get the jist of it. Gah I just can't get him moving and working the stage out of my head! Ok so, I think they played "4 U" which slowed it down a bit. Jonathan went back stage afterward and came back out playing the bagpipes!!! Oh to be those bagpipes *sigh* I was hoping he would because that meant they were gonna play "Shoots and Ladders" which we all sang along to hehe...then out of nowhere they started playing their amazing cover of "One" by Metallica!!! EEEEE MY FAVORITE METALLICA SONG! I like it a lot better all KoRnified because it just feels more real to me..I don't know I can't explain it, but I can totally relate to that song in so many ways and having Korn do it just made me want to cry, but I didn't...too much lol I was just so happy at that point. They also played "Somebody Someone", "Falling Away From Me", "Got The Life", "Oildale (Leave Me Alone)" and "Alone I Break"...from what I can remember.

Fieldy was sooo adorable! He would walk right to the very edge of the corner of the stage and he'd have a huge smile on his face. I couldn’t help but smile back even though I knew he wasn't looking at me. Seriusly, as long as they have been playing together he still looked like he loved what he was doing.., they all did. And Jonathan Davis, just watching him do his signature moves… his head banging, his arms, and his foot stomping. I wanted to be on that stage and be all over him lol

I didn’t want it to end, but alas it came down to the last song..."Get Up" the dubstep version YUM lol The lights didn’t come back on and I was chanting with the crowd “One more song!, One more song!” Finally, they came out! Ray started to play the beat to "Coming Undone”...me and Barb lost it because it was OUR song. I was losing it a lot during the concert lol I'm surprised I still have my v-card lmao But yeah, their Encore was amazing. They threw in "We Will Rock You" by Queen. You would expect one or two songs for the encore, but they did a whole medley of songs! It was just so amazing. I cannot say how much fun I had at that show. Amazing. Awesome. Completely aroused. Complete. I felt complete. I didn’t have any worries. I didn’t have any sadness in me. Just happy...until it actually ended, than I was sad. Jonathan ended the show with blowing kisses to the crowd. I wanted all of those kisses on my face. They were throwing guitar pics and Munky yelled out “Mahalo” which was totally cute, amazing. How many times am I going to say that? I don’t care. I’m gonna say it anyway. Amazing.

I was on a KoRn high the whole way home. And my mom said on the ride home, “that was fun!” Even though she didn’t know what they were saying lol

So yeah, that was my KoRn experience.

Kudos to those who see through sickness

I feel like I got hit by the monster of tiredness right now. Last night was frickin amazing!!

What did I wear to Incubus? Sadly, I didn’t get too dolled up cuz the ’rents got home late. No make up lol I wore my red sleeveless hoodie with a plain white t (I hate that band) under it, red and white striped armwarmers and a long black skirt.

Anyway, the show started at 6pm and guess what time I got to the Waikiki Shell? 6 frickin pm! Milani, Lee, Tina and peanut were waiting for me. We waved and kissed the peanut bye bye and the ’rents took care of him in the van. Didn’t have time to get a shirt...the ones they had were ugly.

Security wanted to search my bags like I had illegal shite, but another security dude said it was ok and let us in. Woo! We got settled in the handicap section while a crappy band did their set. There was poo in front of Lani lol we were looking for something to move it and Tina got up and kicked it aside! She was like, "what it’s dry!" I was cracking up lol

Milani went to the restroom before Silversun Pickups came on. So I was chillin’ with Lee and Tina while I looked for cute boys. =D Then a dude started walking toward us...Lee’s friend Ian. They did the whole macho handshake hug thing and he smiled at me then kissed me on the cheek! AHHH! I’ve never met the dude lol He is so damn cute and funny. I wanted him to stay and sit with us lol When Milani got back...I was like ohmuhgawd! I mouthed it to her cuz he was still talking to Lee. I got to look at him for a bit before he had to leave hehe!

Hmm...I think that’s it for all the pre-show going ons. It’s time to get to the good stuff.

Silversun Pickups came on at like 7pm, played a couple songs then the lead singer talked for a bit. He did his whole intro thing and caught my attention when he started naming off some cities in Hawaii! I was well impressed with his pronunciations. Then he said it was good to be back home and saw his family in Kailua. I thought that was cool. He had the chick bassist say something...she has a cute sweet voice and said "Aloooha!" then he had her say a sentence in Hawaiian..she said it cute. Then, he was like "ok say...Humuhumunukunukuapuaa (our state fish)" she paused for a bit then said "Alooooha!" lol How cute!

It was time for him to get the crowd going again so he asked, "Anyone from Kailua?" and some people cheered..."Anyone from Kaneohe?" and some people cheered...."Wahiawa?" and Milani and Lee cheered for me! He could’ve said any city and he said Wahiawa! w00t!! "Ok this song is for Wahiawa." I wiggled during the rest of their set. =)

It was already dark when they finished, but the moon was so bright and full and just gorgeous!! Damn I didn’t get a pic of it =( The lights went on so Milani made sure I was all cool and comfy before Incubus came on. I could feel the crowd’s excitement just waiting to burst!

A few minutes passed and then...THE LIGHTS WENT OUT!! Brandon walked on stage and we went nuts! The people started crowding the aisle that was to my right. I couldn’t see shite, but when I got a view, this fool stood right in front of me! Lee yelled at him, " ’ey!! Get out of the way she can’t see!" The fool scampered away with his tail between his legs bahahaha!! I love my bro-in-law!! Milani looked at me and I smiled like a dweeb and she was all, "that was hot." lol

The crowd kept moving closer and closer to me..I was blocked from seeing the stage grr! So Lee moved me away from the aisle and I had a perfect view!!! They played the first riff to "Kiss to Send Us Off" and I died lol Brandon sounded amazing! He knows how to move and make girls squeal! Milani, Tina and I were waiting for his shirt to come off and when he finally took it off...I wanted to pee lmao Especially when he jumped around and you could see the sweat fly off his hair.....fyhunbtyd7u <---me being a teeny lol

Milani and Lee checked on me every so often. Then something started happening to me when Incubus came back out for the encore. I couldn’t exhale easily...I had to force it out. I got so light headed and my eyes kept wanting to close, but I kept myself awake by focusing on the perfect creature on stage a.k.a. Brandon "Shirtless" Boyd.lol I was hoping they’d play "Pardon Me", "Warning", "Earth to Bella pt. 1" and "Dig". They didn’t =( It was stilll frickin amaziing though!!

When the Incubi finished lol Milani came over and saw that I was all spacey. Lee got security to walkie talkie the on site EMT’s They were at my side in a flash! Milani was suctioning me in case there was a plug, but there was nothing. So Kimo (emt) put me on 2 liters of supplimental oxygen. I asked to have my chair reclined and that did it! They were asking me questions and I responded well. They checked my vitals and hung around ’til I was ok to leave. John and Kimo were total sweethearts and we thanked them over and over lol The ’rents have no idea about the paramedics so keep it on the down low =P

I got home totally knackered (tired as hell), but it was a blasty blast woooo!!

Right..I’m done. x3
Alright, here we go! Last night was MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE and this is the tale of my adventures and experiences at the show...grab a soda or something and enjoy! lol Yeah that intro was dorky, but I'm in a giddy/dorky mood so piss off! =P

The plans were all set, got all clean and fresh and smelling of Japanese Cherry Blossoms yum lol, got some feeding in my tummy at 11am to 12:30pm, chilled in bed for a couple hours and took a quick nap. Dawna and I made plans so she could come by and do my makeup before I leave. So Barb got me up in my brace at 2pm and dressed me up. What did I wear? A short sleeve black lace top with a red cami under it and my long black Heavy Red skirt. So, I was up and all stoked to get dolled up by Dawna. She is so gentle with the brushes and such that it tickled my face like crazy lol I looked so damn hot! Sadly, I didn't get any pics of me...there was just too much excitement =P

My dad came home from work, I got all set in my chair and we were off! Wooo! We were on the road at 5pm, but when we got to down town the traffic was for shite lol My dad had the radio on and christmas songs were playing out of the DJ's arse! I was like please God make the traffic clear up and let me out of the van o' annoying Christmas songs lol

FINALLY WE WERE THERE!! Surprisingly, it wasn't just chicks at the show...so many cute boys! There was a super hot guy sitting at the end of our row. Oh yeah, I was in the same section that I was with Gwen, but the stage was set up different...it was a bit further. Anyway, back to the boy hehe! He was with his friend that was in a chair too. I wanted to take hot guy home with me lol Tall, skinny, white boy with facial hair and such a sweet smile.

So, the kids started piling in and the whole floor was packed! Everyone was wearing black lol We should've dressed in all gold like the couple at the Gwen show!! Anyway, Milani pointed out another cute boy and I wanted him to just get lost in the crowd. I couldn't believe how much he looked like Jake. He kept looking my way and it almost ruined my night, but I blocked him out. He eventually got lost in the crowd.

Here's where I start talking about annoying kids =) There was a couple that couldn't keep their hands off each other and of course, they were standing in Milani's way. I hate people who go to shows or movies to make out! Come on, losers! Get a frickin room!!

Enough of that shite!! lol The security guards are so damn awesome. There was an older Hawaiian guy standing by us and offered us some earplugs...Milani and Barb took some. The speakers were just a few feet from where we were sitting so I was like wooo!! There were two EMTs standing in the back of our section and they were looking at my vent and o2 tank from afar. Barb asked if they had any questions (thinking they were just kids lol) and one of them goes "Her o2 tank is empty...I'm not sure if we brought an extra tank" and Barb was like "oh it's not turned on...we just bring it along as a precaution." The Blaisdell people makes us feel so safe...I love going there!

Speaking of safe, Saves the Day was the opening act. Nice segway, eh? lol I'm not a huge fan of theirs, but you know when you hear a band that you hate play live and they sound pretty good? Well, that's what happened with me and Saves the Day.

After their set, there was a short intermission and we were all getting anxious. Stagehands started getting MCR's equipment ready and the crowd cheered! Finally, a local radio DJ started getting the crowd all hyped up and then...THE LIGHTS WENT OUT!! Milani screamed with the crowd in a sarcastic way and I about died laughing lol

Smoke was all over the stage, it was still dark and I was going crazy by then. BAM!! The lights went on and THERE THEY WERE!! I could see Gerard in between all the heads of the jumping kids. I had multiple MCRgasms!! They opened with "This is How I Disappear" and from then on I was bouncing in my chair and singing like mad! I even hurt my back from bouncing so hard! Don't ask me how I bounced because I can't explain it lol They sounded so amazing and Gerard killed me in a good way. Frank and Mikey...oh my God! I love how band boys move...they are so hot!! I'm being such a fangirl right now and I don't care. They rawked my panties off and I will never forget last night! Even if the stupid kids stood in my way, I still had fun!

I don't know if the pics came out ok, but I'll put some up. =)

Right, I'm out! mwah!!

The Misadventures of Jeni

I had a very very very eventful day yesterday and not in a "yay I had so much fun" kind of eventful...frick!

My dad took the day off to take me and Barb to my trach change appointment. Just when we were aobut to get into the van, my dad lost the key. Nice timing, right? He found it eventually and we were off.

I have never felt so carsick in my entire life! The van shook the whole damn way to the hospital! It has never done that before...poor thing is so old. Two things I worried about: Barb getting carsick and hurling because she gets motion sicknessy so she takes dramamine. I was thinking oh frick, please let the dramamine keep her unbarfy lol and the other thing was, PLEASE VAN, DON'T FALL APART! The shaking made my brain and eyeballs bounce oh and the boob lmao My corset started to ride up and it was really hurting me. I waited 'til we got there to have it adjusted. Oh man, the pain was awful...

AT LAST! WE MADE IT! My dad zoomed me into the hospital and I felt the cool rain on my skin. Barb parked me and tried to fix my corset while he parked the van. It usually takes two people to adjust it and I couldn't wait for my dad! Barb got it comfortable enough for a bit, then the pain came back grrr! A lady saw us and asked if we needed help...sweet, right? FINALLY the pain was gone wooo!

My dad came back and we went up to the ENT Clinic...got settled in a room to wait for Dr. Cable hehehe!! We didn't wait long. I had my chair reclined and ready for him to check out my trach. Reclining made my back more comfy. Anyway, he did his thang and said my stoma looks great. I don't remember the conversation exactly, but I remember I threw in a "ow! *giggle*" and a "frick!" lol Before he left the room he was like, "If you have any problems or questions, you know where I live." I thought to myself No I don't. Must...have...his address while I nodded and smiled lol I knew what he meant though.

So yeah, it was time to go home. I decided it'd be better to keep my chair reclined for the ride home so my corset wouldn't ride up again. WRONG DECISION!! My vent tubing was dragging on my wheel and it got a hole in it...frick. My dad tried to put tape over the hole...um no! That crap doesn't work. What is it with guys and tape??

He went to the nearest office to get someone to page an RT. He came back and said that they're paging RT. I was concentrating and breathing on my own. Barb had the ambu-bag ready just in case I got tired which I did and she bagged me. There was a guy in uniform walking by with his son (he was so damn cute lol). The guy stopped and asked if he could help in any way...Barb explained our situation and he went to get help too.

The lady that my dad talked to in the office, came out and told us that she paged the Rapid Response Team, ENT Clinic and RT Dept. Um...I wasn't lying there bleeding to death!! I NEEDED A NEW FRICKIN TUBE! lol

The first one to come down was Dr. Cable and a nurse holding a new trach. Oh man, he was like my knight in a white coat lol Barb told them the situation and some other chick interrupted and said the police are on the way...omg! Wtf can they do?? I mean, unless some lunatic held my tube at gunpoint and shot a hole in it, then yeah call the popo lol Anyway, Dr. Cable told her, "It's alright...she's fine I'm her doctor." He suggested that we go back up to the ENT Clinic so his people can keep an eye on me 'til an RT came. So Dr. Cable bagged me while Barb pushed my chair. I must say that they were so awesome and I had a nice doctor to look at on the way hehehe!

We waited at ENT for 10mins...the RTs came and took us up to their dept, got me a new tube and voila!! I was good to go. I saw Fin while I was there and felt better.

Got home all tired...still am so I'm outtie!!